Horse Racing Ratings

Racing Horses:

Horses have been a part of our culture and our lives since we managed to domesticate them. They have served in many quarters, as trusted steeds and loyal friends – as read of in many a tale of old. Furthermore, they have been reliable methods of travel, especially over long distances, and were used in warfare and battles. Later, they became a means of entertainment and amusement.

Betting on the horse races has also been one of the oldest practices, continuing right up until today. Nowadays, however, you don’t have to attend a race meet to experience the best betting and viewing action. Just relax at home or even at work. Placing your horse racing wagers online has never been so easy. All you require is the internet and an online bookmaker. It really is that simple.

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Start of Horse Racing:

Guessing that informal racing started from the very beginning, formal racing is believed to have started from the Roman Chariot races which drew much interest and attention from the elite and the emperors. The saddle races from the Greeks time, which also included horse racing in the Olympic Games; hence it is one of the oldest sports in history. Since then horse racing has always gained favour with the people in changing times and after a long and rich journey. It has reached the current era where horse racing and betting has entered the top sports of the century.

Modern Horse Racing:

The modern form of the game started informally from the 12th century, which was the time when the English Knights returning from the crusades brought along with them Arabian and Turkish horses, which were believed to be higher in quality than the local horses. Cross breeding these horse with the English mares started the world famous horse racing breed the thoroughbreds, which also started off the modern form of racing. For hundreds of years these races remained a part of the sporting world and with the start of the 17th century the professional version of the game after it had been hijacked by the Kings and elite for some time, the commoners relegated to the position of spectators only. With the establishment of the Jockey Club and association the increasing numbers of races were monitored and the breed of the horses, all the race horses was recorded.

Spreading Fame and Types of Races:

With the increasing fame of the game in the country it was no surprise that the popularity of the sport spread far and wide, beyond the borders of England to other countries. Australia was one of the first countries to adopt the new version of the game, and the acclaim it received in that country over the time has made it into one of the most important sport, third in number if we talk about popularity and turn out. France, New Zealand and South Africa were also quick to claim the modern version of the sport and it became famous there too in no time. It wasn’t only horse racing that became popular in that country but also horse breeding, since then all these countries have been breeding their own race horses. United States has been one of the fore front countries in terms of horse racing too so much so that horse racing has become the second most popular sport in the country only second to baseball which is the national game of the States.

There are several types of horse races that are prevalent in this time, the thoroughbred being the most important as well as the most famous of them. These races are divided into three groups according to their importance and fame. The epitome of thoroughbred racing in Australia is the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup field is made up of the best thoroughbred contenders from around the world. The next type is the harness races, run with standard bred horses which are thought to be the best harness horses, and the races are of two types especially in Australia, pacing and trotting. Another factor which is quite different from other races, is that a two wheel cart is also part of the race which the horses have to pull. Endurance races and Quarter races have also become important in a short time both poles opposite from each other. Finally the jump races which have received a fair amount of attention over the times and are raced in nearly all horse racing countries.

Sports Betting and Odds:

Betting is basically predicting the outcomes of the game and then placing money on those outcomes. A game of chance through and through, with odds being one of the most important elements, where the odds explain to the bettor how much they would stand to gain if their bet pay off. Calculating odds carefully could mean a sure chance of wining. Another important element is the bookmaker who is the link between the bettor and the match. The bets are usually of two types the simple straight up bets and the more complex point spread wagers, while the odds are of four types, the fractional, decimal, American and horse odds.

Horse Racing Ratings:

Some of the races held around the year hold an edge on the other races due to their importance and the amount of attention they receive, as well as the amount of betting money spent on them. It has become the habit of the professional bettors to calculate the horse racing rating before making the bet. This is similar to calculating the odds, which helps the person in making a better choice. Horse race ratings basically start with the best races and the best horses, horses that have performed consistently, the pedigree of the horses, the trainers, the jockey statistics, and all these things that are kept in mind when deciding to place that winning bet.

Many online sites provide a wealth of information regarding the rating and the chances of winning on the horses. This helps the punter and bettors to make intelligent choices. So, whether betting from home or anywhere you can get internet access, it has never been easier to place your winning wagers online. The convenience is unparalleled and the excitement is unmatched.

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